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Hailie and her daddy…
#Halie #Eminem #Mathers #PinkyPromise

Hailie and her daddy…

#Halie #Eminem #Mathers #PinkyPromise

young marshall for everyone.. 
#Eminem #slimShady #Marshall #Forever

young marshall for everyone.. 

#Eminem #slimShady #Marshall #Forever

Stan on the vid and the Eminem’s fan, Stans


“Stan-ing”  for someone/something is very weird. I understand being a superfan but Stan? Did you ever listen to the lyrics of that Eminem song? Stan had lots of emotional problems. He locked up his pregnant girlfriend in the trunk of his car…then killed himself and his girlfriend by driving off a bridge … all intentionally. He was nutso. Do you really want to be a Stan?



» Becoming  a stan doesn’t mean ending up just like stan on eminem’s vid. 

Stan ha stons of problems which we, the fans, can relate to. not to the extreme extent ofcourse. But at some point we got depressed and stumbled on one of eminem’s song and listened to it. I, personally, think that Eminem’s music helped me. After hearing the pain and all the hardships in life that he had to endure (the things on his music) , it got me thinking. I was depressed and yet my pain is nothing compared to what he’s been through. that’s the reason why I pulled myself together and had more hope in me coz if eminem got through that then why can’t I. My life is waaay much better than Marshall mathers went through before becoming Eminem. that stage of depression is more compared to stan in the video.. the only difference is that stan on the vid died, Eminem was too late but in reality, we, Eminem’s fans and the so-called STAN’s, were saved by his music. He has given us hope at some point in our pathetic life and that’s why we decided to become fan’s of Eminem

His fans are called “STAN’s”… It’s not about being obsessed with Eminem like the one on his music video but becoming an ‘avid’ fan who would show support to him at all times„, JMO…

why don’t you question the directioner, don’t they harass the 1D member’s girlfriends and rant so many things on scial networks,? We don’t harass nobody, I’m only 19, and hate and violence era is done… Eminem is more about getting through pain and looking forward for life now…I’m not comparing but we, Stan’s, got our own thing.,.. we’re not crazy fans… We’re superfans but not nutso…we feel his music and we support EMINEM.. #TEAMSHADY

#TEAMSHADY #TUPAC and @Eminem #Stan< I’m proud to say I listen to this guys…> ^_^

#TEAMSHADY #TUPAC and @Eminem #Stan< I’m proud to say I listen to this guys…> ^_^

Stan meets Directioner...
There's been this directioner girl in school who keeps forcing me to become a devoted 1D fan.. She keeps screaming 1D in my face... I got no hate for them.. I'm 19 and i find them cute, i do listen to them just like how I listen to all sorts of music.. But this girl just keeps nagging at me and have been questioning my taste for listening to such materials (EMinem's Songs).. Our conversation this morning went like this:
SomeGirl: I loooooveeee 1D:
Me: ....
SomeGirl: There soooo cute...
Me: ..
SomeGirl: I bet you wish you could say the same 'bout Eminem...
Me: Did 1D ever saved some depressed fan from ending their pathetic life huh?!
SomeGirl: ..err...
Me: Eminem did, his music got me through self-pity, hopelessness, and depression..
SomeGirl: ...
Me: ... I bet you wish you could say the same about 1D

I’m sick of working dead end jobs with lame pay

And I’m tired of being hired and fired the same day

#Eminem #SlimShady #TEAMSHADY #ProudStan

i&#8217;m no slim shady.. i&#8217;m just an ordinary STAN.
#TEAMSHADY #2013StansYear

i’m no slim shady.. i’m just an ordinary STAN.

#TEAMSHADY #2013StansYear

Relax bitches&#8230;.. eminem&#8217;s comin babyyyyyyy&#8230;..

Relax bitches….. eminem’s comin babyyyyyyy…..

This is man is the representation of Eminem&#8217;s minions!

This is man is the representation of Eminem’s minions!

sometimes it&#8217;s not Eminem&#8217;s Music that makes one change into a Stan but the cruel Reality of Life&#8230;

sometimes it’s not Eminem’s Music that makes one change into a Stan but the cruel Reality of Life…